Fargen Amps and Sonic Edge were founded by Ben Fargen, who has become one of the top engineers of amplification and tone in the guitar business. “Fargen is a place for guitarists of all levels to harness their ultimate tone, with our revolutionary guitar and bass amplifiers, effect pedals and accessories. I want to bring reference-quality tone to players and I’m using my unique designs and custom components to do so. You simply won’t get this anywhere else.”

Ben founded Fargen Amplification in 1998 as a creative outlet for his inspirations as a young guitarist. As his collection of gig-worn, vintage guitar amplifiers began to require servicing, he found no local technician with the touch or the talent he demanded to service his gear. Armed with the internet, an ROP course in electronics, and as many books on tube amps as he could find, Ben learned the trade … hands on and from the ground up. After a year of mastering the basics, he built a few prototypes and began gigging with them all over California. Once word got out, custom work followed, and as demand increased, he evolved his designs into stock models. Three years ago, Ben launched the Sonic Edge brand, with an initial focus on building a boutique line of effect pedals.

After fifteen years of dealing direct-to-consumer, Sonic Edge and Fargen Amplification has expanded its dealer network, and now ships boutique guitar amplifiers and effects pedals to dealers and distributors across the globe, and into the hands of discerning players everywhere. Ben also continues to provide world tour and studio amp support to a select group of the world’s most celebrated guitarists.


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