Dan Drive BonkMachine (ZonkMachine) Fuzz, Blue Signed ~ Secondhand

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Excellent condition Bonk Machine, pedalboard ready with velcro on the base

Introducing the Bonk Machine Joey Landreth Signature Fuzz!

The Bonk Machine is the result of the combined expertise and creativity of Joey Landreth and DanDrive.

The Bonk Machine pays homage to the Zonk Machine, a design that holds a special place in the hearts of players and collectors.

From soft, reedy tones to all-out gnarly fuzz, the Bonk captures the essence of the Zonk while adding Joey and Dan’s unique spin.

The Bonk Machine keeps things simple with Level and Fuzz controls, allowing you to focus on your playing.

For classic Zonk tones, dial the Fuzz knob low and let the magic unfold!

Designed with gigging musicians in mind, the Bonk Machine features 3 temperature-stable germanium transistors.

Its compact size and top-mounted jacks also save valuable space on your pedalboard.


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