TC Electronic

TC Electronic

Founded in the early 1980's in Denmark by Musician brothers Kim and John Rishoj, TC Electronic first came to prominence with the development of their infamous SCF (Stereo Chorus Flanger) effects pedal. Since this time TC Electronic have gone on to produce countless guitar and pro-audio products to satisfy every taste of musical creativity.

Since the TC Group was established in 2002 the company has gone on to release countless effects processors from the popular "mini" range through the standard stomp boxes and Nova pedals and through to rack-mounted pro audio devices.

TC Electronics major breakthrough came with the development of Toneprint technology which allows pedals to be "updated" and customised via a USB link to the TC website. Toneprint technology allows users to download the latest "tweaked" versions of their favourite pedal settings and even "guest" settings by famous artists!!

The list of TC Electronic users gets bigger by the day...

Albert Lee - TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Andy Summers - TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

Brian May - TC Electronic SCF

Guthrie Govan - TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Kirk Hammett - TC Electronic Flashback X4

Steve Vai - TC Electronic Ditto Looper

...many more guitarists and musical innovators are adding their name to this growing list, could you be the next?

TC Electronic

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