At one time the only way to create cavernous and spatial reverb effects for guitar was to record amplifiers in enormous open spaces using distance mics or, in the case of Duane Eddie, stick your amp in a huge water tank and mic it from the end!

These days we are spoilt for choice with an enormous array of reverb devices to take us to an ethereal wonderland!!

Most reverb types will be put into a catagory dependant on their "trail" or "dwell" times, these tend to be described as ROOM, HALL, SPRING, PLATE etc. There are also a few specialist reverbs such as MODULATION and REVERSE available in some units...get some nice shoes 'cos you're gonna be gazing at them!!

Coda Music has an awesome selection of verb pedals from simple one-knob ambience injectors to full scale verb creation machines!!!


"Most people would agree that reverb pedals should be the very last pedal in your chain, slugging it out with your tremolo pedal. Most reverb pedals can be placed in the effects loop of modern amplifiers, this is escpecially useful when using a heavily distorted amp. In most cases you want all your effects to be "verb'd" after they have been altered but, as with most things in the guitar world, there are notable exceptions! Take for example the gigantic "wall-of-sound" washes of guitar noise made by bands like My Bloody Valentine, if that kinda thing is your bag then try driving your distortion pedal with a reverb pedal!!!"


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