Back in the good old days..the 40's to be precise..a chap called Donald Leslie worked out that by rotating a loudspeaker he could harness the doppler effect to alter the pitch of an organ to be precise. Not wishing to be left out, guitarists wanted to get in on the act and soon "vibe" devices were commerically available so guitarists could recreate this effect. Fast forward to today and we find a huge selection of weird and wonderful devices that use this simple but awesome sounding effect!

From faithful reproductions of the original "vibe" circuit right through to dizzying, nose bleed enducing wobble machines Coda Music has a vibe/rotary pedal for everyone!


"Vibe and Rotary pedals are essentially modulation effects much like the humble phaser and flanger so, on paper, would live happily post-gain pre-delay on your board. However, as with the phasers, it;s worth experimenting a little before and after gain pedals to get your desired tone, remember these are not pitch shifters in the "classic" sense, they are subtle pitch modulators so get yeself some patch leads and get creative!!"


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