EWS Effects Fuzzy Drive

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The Fuzzy Drive from EWS Japan is, as you would expect, a fuzz pedal...but not any fuzz pedal! The FD1 is different! Ever plugged in a fuzz pedal and loved the fuzz but hated the fact you can't really hear the notes you're playing? Then this could be the fuzz for you, even at high gain levels note seperation is awesome and will not leave your tone muddy and messy!!

As you crank up the gain control of the FUZZY DRIVE, you will have powerful fuzz/distortion and with the versatile tone control, you will have wide variety of sound at your fingertip. And when you lower the gain and crank up the volume, it can also be used as fuzz/booster "a la vintage Tone Bender" to enhance your amp distortion. As always, switches are true bypass freeing you of any worries of your tone thinning out when the pedal is not engaged.

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Manufacturer EWS Effects Japan
Condition New
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