Meris Mercury 7 Reverb

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Introducing the Mercury 7 Epic Reverb from Meris Effects!!....This unbelievable sounding reverb engine, inspired by Vangelis' amazing amazing soundtrack work in Blade Runner, will allow you to create stunning reverb soaked landscapes with the perfect mix of Hi-Fi and Sci-Fi!!!! From subtle plates and huge cathedrals to massive building soundscapes, swirling modulation, epic auto-swells and cascading shimmering pads. Whether you’re looking to capture the sound and feel of well-known earthly spaces, or that of huge starlit galaxies far away, the Mercury7 is sure to deliver!

• Handcrafted Algorithmic Reverbs - Ultraplate and Cathedra

• Intra-Tank Pitch Regeneration - From an octave down to and octave up, and with unique pitch manipulations inbetween

• Extensive Modulation Capability

• Auto Swell Envelope (variable and foot-switchable)

• High & Low Frequency Damping

• Top-mounted stereo I/Os - switchable input headroom level

• Deep MIDI and Expression capabilities • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

• Powered by supplied country sepciifc 9V PSU

Meris has left no stone unturned in their journey to bring ultra-advanced studio reverb capabilities to your pedalboard. The Mercury7 takes everything that made the original and highly regarded Mercury7 500-series studio rack-unit amazing and distils it all into a compact, sturdy and super intuitive pedal fit for any rig and instrument out there.

Mercury7 sports two different reverb algorithms (Ultraplate and Cathedra), which alone deliver a superb range of ambient tones. Now throw in the ability to modulate, pitch-shift, swell, sustain and EQ the reverb in a million different ways via its rich control set and ALT functions and you have a reverb pedal that has your back whether you’re going for smooth on-stage ambience or otherworldly sound designs that could easily form the backdrop to your favourite movie.

In addition, Mercury7 holds one of the most impressive stereo reverb images ever made, vast MIDI capabilities and the ability to seamlessly morph between sounds via an external expression pedal. Mercury7 is in essence way more than just another reverb pedal. It’s a deep and highly musical creative instrument in its own right.

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