Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Fuzz

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Introducing the Haunt fuzz from our friends at OBNE!!...a super gnarly velcro ripping gated fuzz...but...fear not...the beast can be tamed...if you want it to be!!!

• Gated fuzz pedal - made for walls of ripping fuzz and unique spluttery textures

• 2 different fuzz modes - open or compressed

• Clean blend via Mix control - retains string clarity and low-end response

• Made in the USA

• Powered by 9V DC PSU

The Haunt’s primary objective is to fight off your enemies with its gnarly grinding bite - or put your audience into sludgy, doomy ecstasy. Totally your choice, my riff-wielding friend.

The Volume, Gate, Fuzz, Mix and Tone knobs give you access to a wealth of different dirt tones. From open, present and punishing sound to hyper-compressed and spluttery synth-like fuzz tones of doom and gloom. It’s all there and then some!

The Haunt also has two toggle switches - Mode and Low. Mode switches between two combinations of silicon transistors. One is a lower volume, more compressed and harmonic fuzz (toggle to the left) and the other a louder, more open mid-range fuzz (toggle to the right). The Tone, Fuzz and Gate controls all respond in a unique way within each mode. So, mess around with it until you find exactly the fuzz you’re after.

Low switches between a normal signal (toggle to the left) and a bass boosted signal (toggle to the right) and fattens the sound up a bit. Pair that bass boost with the clean-blend option of the Mix knob and you have a fuzz pedal that also plays extremely well with bass.

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