Solid Gold FX Buffer

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Introducing the Buffer from SolidGoldFX!

In this era of true bypass pedals and growing pedal chains meaning more and more cabling SolidGold have created this simple, but very effective small-box buffer!!

If you are stacking lots of pedals together and/or using long leads/lots of patch leads the chances are you could be lopping-off a good deal of your top end robbing your tone of the sparkle and clarity everyone craves...the answer?...the SolidGold buffer!!!!

The SolidGold FX buffer is the solution for rigs suffering from tonal anemia. If you use long cable runs or multiple true bypass pedals, you could be suffering from a build of resistance and capacitance in your signal chain. This build up tends to roll off high end content and diminishes your guitars dynamic interaction with your effects and amp. If your setup feels dull or lacks that, "plugged straight in feel," a buffer will help. With our buffer, you can restore lost sparkle to your sound by giving your signal the push it needs to reach the end of the line.

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Manufacturer Solid Gold FX
Model solid_gold_f
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