Solid Gold FX Rosie Fuzz Overdrive

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Introducing the Rosie from SolidGold FX!!

This stunninglittle dirt machine is very loosly based on the DNA of the old school and infamous Tone Bender MKII but with a good few modern upgrades giving you all the tonal flexability you would expect from a modern boutique pedal!!

Gone are the notoriously grumpy and temperature sensitive Germanium trannies replaced here by special selected silicon transistors and a unique JFET section. These upgrades give you all the bark and narly scream of the original TBII but adds a whole ton of other tonal options allowing you to sculpt the perfect fuzz soundstage....awesome!!!

Rosie is our reincarnation of the venerable MK II Tone Bender circuit optimized for modern performance while maintaining our favorite tonal characteristics of the original design. Unlike the temperamental germanium transistors used in the classic Tone Bender MK II circuit, Rosie utilizes a combination of JFET and select low gain, low noise silicon transistors, giving her plenty of reliably consistent punch and attack. A two-way tone toggle and external bias control expand on this stable foundation making it easy to dial in a broad range of textures, from thick and syrupy to chunky and aggressive. Rosie makes single coils sing and humbuckers bite, bringing forth the best from both types of pickups. In addition to adding great feel and dynamics, Rosie’s custom high impedance JFET input also ensures worry free performance by eliminating the possibility of any unwanted interaction with buffers or wahs. This means Rosie can be placed anywhere in your signal chain with no adverse tonal impact. If you are looking to capture the classic sounds of your early Zeppelin records but with 21st century stability, let Rosie take you all the way.

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