Gibson Memphis 1963 VOS ES335TD Sixties Cherry 70285

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Gibson Memphis 1963 VOS ES335TD Sixties Cherry 70285

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Although the ES-335 kicked off with the "dot neck" in 1958, many players have always preferred the "block neck" version of the early '60s. The beautifully re-created 1963 ES-335TD includes the correct body shape with narrower horns and rolled fingerboard binding for a soft playing feel.
Body: Correct '63 shape with narrower cutaway horns
Fingerboard: Bound rosewood with block inlays
Potentiometers: Matched 550k potentiometers
Hot hide glue: Historic body and neck construction
Truss rod: Tubeless Historic truss rod
Pickups: MHS humbuckers
Frets: Period-correct .100" x .045" fret wire
Finish: VOS nitrocellulose lacquer
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Wood Species: Maple, Poplar, Maple
Pieces: 3-Ply
Grade: Vintage Plain
Binding: Tan
Wood Species: Maple, Poplar, Maple
Pieces: 3-Ply
Density: Vintage Plain
Binding: Tan
Species Wood: Maple, Poplar, Maple
Pieces: 3-Ply
Grade: Vintage Plain
Weight Relief: Lightweight centerblock
Average Weight (body only): 2.1069 kg / 4.645 lbs
Materials Used
Glue: Hot Hide glue for braces and centerblock, Franklin Titebond 50 for rim assembly.
Etc.: Maple centerblock, Quartered Adirondack Spruce braces
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect: The sound waves resonate within the hollow airspace of the Maple veneered Body, around the F-holes, and throughout the solid glue joints.
Body Contour
Carve: ES (Semi-Hollow with slim taper cutaways)
Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 1
Truss Rod: Historic
Profile: 1963
Thickness at Fret 1: 20.32 mm / .800"
Thickness at Fret 12: 25.40 mm / 1.000"
Other Materials: Assembly 65 glue
Average Weight: 376.4817 g / 0.830 lbs
Peg Head
Type: SP-1
Inlay: Mother of Pearl Crown
Peg Head Binding: None
Silkscreen: None
Headstock Angle: 17 degrees
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect: The wood, construction, and headstock pitch all contribute greatly to the tone, aiding this guitar's exceptional sustain and depth, and yielding a resonance that can be felt right through the body
Neck Fit
Joint Angle: 4 degrees
Joint Angle Tolerance: 0 deg 0 min 15 sec
Type: Mortise and Tenon
Adhesive: Hot Hide Glue
Gauges Used: Pitch Height Gauge
Style: White
Material: Nylon
Width: 4.3358 cm / 1.707"
Slots: E: 1.2268 mm / 0.0483 inches
A: 0.9601 mm / 0.0378 inches
D: 0.6934 mm / 0.0273 inches
G: 0.4534 mm / 0.01785 inches 
B: 0.3467 mm / 0.01365 inches 

e: 0.2667 mm / 0.0105 inches
Wood Species: Rosewood
Pieces: 1
Shade: Dark
Fingerboard Details
Radius: 30.48 cm / 12"
Frets: 22
Nut/End of Board: 4.318 cm / 1.700" @ nut, 5.6718 cm / 2.233" @ end of board
Scale: 62.865 cm / 24.75"
Binding: Tan
Side Dots (Color): Tortoiseshell
Fingerboard Inlays
Style: Block
Material: Period Correct Celluloid
Dimensions: Large: 19.558 mm x 12.70 mm / 0.770" x 0.500"
Small: 25.40 mm x 6.35 mm / 1.00" x 0.250"
Average Weight: 147.4175 g / 5.200 oz

Sixties Cherry
Color Code: SC
Surface Texture: Smooth/ Hi Gloss 90 Sheen Lacquer - Finished in V.O.S.
Filler: 330, Analine Dye
Sealer: 1-1.5 mils
Top: Sixties Cherry Stain, Cherry
Top Coat: Hi Gloss Lacquer/ 90 Sheen 7-8 mils
Scraped: Fingerboard Sides, Body and Nut
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Additional Information

Condition New
Series No
Model gibson_63_vo
Weight (kg) 0.0000
Manufacturer Gibson
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