KMA Machines Moai Maea Analog Octaver

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Introducing the Moai Maea from KMA Machines! This stunning looking and incredible sounding pedal is a nod to the old school octavers of years gone by.....insane sub-octave low end, crazy upper octaves swooping in and out...all there in the Moai but KMA have added all the functionality that a modern live guitarists needs! Not only does the Maea feature modern true bypass wiring it also features a clean mix to balance your dry/wet sound plus the actave stages are individulally switchable...genious!!!

Moai Maea!...Subsonic Power Punch!!!

Moai Maea is KMA Audio Machines’ answer to long forgotten analog octaver tones. The pedal generates one higher octave and up to two sub-octaves, helping you generate a huge wall of sound by playing just one note.

• Wide range of fuzz octave tones, independently foot-switchable

• Serial buffered FX loop

• Clean mix - for a world of expanded soundscapes

• Handmade in Berlin, Germany

• True-Bypass switching

• Powered by opt. 9V PSU (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~20mA current draw)

The higher octave has an edgy and fuzzy character which is reminiscent of old late ‘60s early ‘70s octave-up tones, as used by legends like Hendrix or The Stooges. The sub-octaves turn your guitar into a filthy bass guitar with ground shaking lows. Choose between either the first (-I), the second (-II) or both together (-I/-II), which gives you the sought-after wall of sound. The Moai Maea also gives you the possibility to create an individual mix of each generated octave and the original signal. To expand your soundscapes, the pedal features a serial buffered FX-Loop, within the clean path, plus a phase inverter to avoid phase-cancelation when mixing signals this way. Each octave section is foot-switchable. You can turn on and off the higher octave by jumping on the SHRIEK switch and the sub-octave by the DRONE switch. So if you are looking for a pedal to you that extra edge for your guitar sound, Moai Maea might well be the nirvana you’ve been looking for.

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