Servicing your guitar at Coda Music

Here is a brief word from our Technician who is on site at Coda Music.

Hi, My name is Jon Rickards, I have been the guitar technician here at Coda Music for over 35 years. As well as setting up all the instruments purchased from the stores I can offer a repair and customization service for all guitars, basses, mandolins and banjos.

Here is a list of jobs I carry out:

  • Set ups
  • Headstock repairs
  • Re-Frets and fret dress work
  • Pickup Fitting
  • Replacement nuts and saddles
  • Custom Scratch plates
  • Re-Wiring.

Please give me call on 01438 350815 option 3 for an estimate or advice on any of the above. (Tue ~ Sat)