Reward Points

See the workflow of reward system

Step 1
Set up Reward System rules
Step 2
Customers interact on store
Step 3
Customers get Points
Step 4
Customers spend points on next purchases

Rewards program for loyal customers

Every time you shop with us, you'll have an even better experience going from surprise to surprise.
It's a pity you could miss it. With the bonus points system, you can earn points when:
  • Reward point for purchases.
  • Reward point when creating a new account.
  • Reward point when signing up for the newsletter.
  • Reward point when writing reviews every time you experience our products. Each of your comments can help us to improve our product and the quality it delivers.
  • Reward point when you send an email invitation to a friend
  • You will receive a reward point on your birthday.
  • Reward for Social Sharing.
  • Reward point when you like our page with Facebook.
  • Reward Point when tweeting our a page on Twitter.
  • You can get Reward points after a few days when you're not logged in and stay logged in to your account.
You can use the points earned when making a purchase, ... Note that the points you earn may be refunded after you return the order and the time for the bonus points will expire.