Diamond Tremolo Optical Tremolo Pedal

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Diamond Tremolo Optical Tremolo Pedal

Tremolo......Return of the O.G.
Tremolo has been a staple effect since the 60’s. Now it’s time to welcome it to the 21st century.
Don’t let your preconceptions fool you, this is not your average trem.
The new Diamond TREMOLO takes what it means to be a tremolo and pushes it well beyond the
limits. We started with 11 rhythm control positions, and 3 different modes, but then decided to
introduce a secondary tremolo circuit based around a FET that provides a sharp edge, completely
killed, tremolo effect. With the way this circuit chops your signal, we’ve coined it the CHOPPER.
With all of this, the updated Diamond Tremolo will be your go-to tone warping machine.
Main Features
• Tremolo Effects Pedal
• Smooth Optical Amp Style Tremolo plus Chopper
• Uses a Custom US made Opto-Isolator and Burr Brown ICs
• 11 position Rhythm control loaded with accents, patterns and Dicer modes.
• Tap Tempo with Sub-divisions via dedicated footswitch
• Chopper mode
• Insta-Chopper feature
• Doubler feature allows for instant doubling of the delay tempo
• 3 Tremolo Wave shapes
• Sine – smooth and even
• Shark-fin: asymmetric
• Square: hard and even
• Advanced operation modes
• Geezer Mode: mimics classic Diamond Tremolo operation without secondary footswitch functions
• Momentary/Latching Mode: offers momentary/latching switching for both Insta-Chop and Doubler Features
• Top-mounted jacks and soft touch relay switching
• Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
• Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
(centre -, 2.1 mm, ~21 mA current draw)
Tremolos are the kind of pedal that once you turn it on, you never go back.
The Diamond Tremolo offers both warm, natural vintage amp-style optical tremolo with sine, shark tooth and square waveforms as
well as a precise FET Chopper with momentary Dicer function. But like we said above, we’ve introduced the effect to the modern
world by way of creating 3 distinct modes that introduce entirely new feature sets and in turn ways of operating the pedal.
Small but mighty. Loaded yet user friendly. The Tremolo offers Tap Tempo with subdivisions, 11 position Rhythm control, Insta-Chop,
momentary or latching speed Doubler, and more.
For the modern pedal-user’s needs. Space saving design, without any loss of quality. All analog, Burr-Brown audio path with
microprocessor control. Complete with top-mounted jacks and relay based true bypass switching.
Yeah...all of this in a standard pedalboard friendly enclosure. This ain’t your Dad’s tremolo. We turned it into a compact powerhouse
full of sonic exploring capabilities. Dive in, and get lost.

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