Boss ES8 Programmable Effects Switching System

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This newly released true bypass switching system from Boss could well be the solution to many pedal junky's age old problems!!!

If you are one such pedal junky you will, no doubt, have a good few pedals on a board, connected in series in the most flexible way for you, one that allows you to stomp all pedals yet keep the best audio path for your devices. That's all well and good but what about your favourite old germanium fuzz pedal that hates buffers? How about your trusty old 80's chorus who's buffered circuit kills your tone? How about that song that requires you to drive a delay into a distortion but for only that number? How about those pedals you don't even need on your board that could be better placed in a rack or behind your amp? Well the ES8 has the answer to all these problems and many, many more!

Effects switchers are not a new invention, they have been around for a while making touring musicians lives a bit easier but never before has a switching system with this capability been accessible to mere mortals!!!

The ES8 has eight independant, fully programmable loops for your pedals so you can switch individual pedals in and out, individually or in multiples. The pedals are on all the time, the looper only engages the loop so your signal remains true bypass at all times. 

As the ES8 is fully programmable you can easily change the chain order or maybe select certain groups of effect pedals in one go or save your pedal selection for each song giving you the flexibility of a multy effects unit but using all your trusty stomp boxes!

The program function is switchable too so the unit can be set to manual giving you the choice of any pedal grouping at any time without relying on presets.

As the ES8 is also equiped with on-board MIDI functionality you can sync it with other MIDI capable devices. Use the ES8 as a MIDI trigger or have it triggered by off-board devices.

You can also control your amplifier channels from the more duct tape to hold your amp footswitch on your board!!!

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