Old Blood Noise Endeavors Flat Light Flange Shifter

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Flat Light Flange Shifter
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Introducing the Flat Light Textural Flange Shifter from our pals at OBNE!!!

The Flat Light is a flanger aiming to be something else. It explores choral pitch shifted flanging, from octave down to a shimmering octave up and all the odd nooks and doubletones in between. Cascading lines form a lush modulation that becomes metallic and resonant as you push it. Reverb-like delays turn a stereotypical jet plane flange into more of an exploratory space mission. Push the controls and sense the terrain, yet trust your intuition—maybe not with your life, but with your sound.
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• Textural flanger pedal - made for unique modulated textures

• 3 different flanger types - detune, Resonate and Echo

• Momentary Tilt switch - for expressive and ramping modulation sounds

• Expression in - control either Rate or Shift via an external expression pedal

• Made in the USA

• Powered by 9V DC PSU

Building effects around a foundation of flanging, the Flat Light is a swirling spatial sonic experience you never want to leave once you turn it on. From simple pitch shifting flanging and highly resonant metallic sounds, to reverb-like delays and recognizable swooshes, the Flat Light will induce motion to your sound, no matter where it sits in your signal path.

The Flat Light sports three different modes of flanging:

Detune is a pitch shifted flanger where Shift ranges from an octave down (all the way to the left) to shimmering octaves up (all the way to the right), with a range of slightly detuned sounds in the middle.

Resonate is a cascading set of flanger lines creates a highly resonant flanger where Shift controls the amount of feedback. At low settings, lush chorus-like sounds are available. At high settings, metallic ringing frequencies spike with your signal.

Echo is a flanger with multiple delays added. Shift sets the time of the delay, with the longest times all the way to the right; all the way to the left eliminates the delay entirely. In this mode, flanger depth is fixed and Depth controls resonance.

The Flat Light has two footswitches. Bypass is your standard on/off True Bypass switch, while the Tilt switch is momentary and when pressed will max out the control associated with the internal expression mode (Shift by default, but it can be changed to Rate).

The expression input gives you control over either Modulation Rate or the Shift control (selectable via internal DIP switches) via an external expression pedal. This allows you to go from subtle chorus tones, to wide flange sweeps simply via your foot.

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Additional Information

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