Klein 56 P90 Soapbar Set Cream

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The Epic Series 1956 P-90 Pickups.  These P-90s are the best and most authentic sounding Vintage Replicas on the market.   

  • Vintage 1959 P-90 Alloy Screws Manufactured Exclusively for Klein Pickups
  • Vintage 50mm spaced, Correct Vintage Nickel Silver Alloy
  • Vintage 1959 Magnet, Laboratory Analyzed from a Real 1959 Gibby Magnet, 100% Identical Reproduction.
The tone of the pickups, is stunning and have the same Dynamics and Timbre as Originals.  The neck is warm, fat, punchy, with great drive, with a nice balance and has the clarity and lower mid drive that vintage pickups are known for and modern pickups lack.   The bridge has a little more drive, the mids have a slight bit more bite to them, while not effecting the clarity or the treble frequencies.  
The Artists we have, have this to say about the P-90s. They have the same Timbre as the originals and they have a real sweet (slight) compression in the mids and highs.  

Output:  Neck 7.80k, Bridge 8.20k.
  • The Average Output is shown, we wind the pickups to a set number of Traversed turns.
  • These Pickups have the tone, feel just like the originals.  You won't find anything more authentic.
  • When A/B'd to a 1957 LP Special, close your eyes and you find it difficult to hear the differences.
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